Somei : Développeur de performance
  • IntercoTour-2020

SOMEI at IntercoTOUR in Vincennes: innovation in the spotlight!

All year long, Les Interconnectés organises events in territories that are innovating! The IntercoTour highlights the dynamic impetus and digital initiatives of French territories. These day-long events are an opportunity to share experience with digital solutions, discuss and debate current key digital issues and bring together local ecosystems.

SOMEI will be showcased at the upcoming intercoTOUR trade show in Vincennes on 24 September.

During this day of discussion, testimony and exchange, all with regard to the sustainable and digital transition of territories, participants will be able to attend and to present their solution at three workshops addressing the following question: how to boost public action by involving territories’ stakeholders?

  • Workshop 1: Smart digital usage for a sustainable city.
  • Workshop 2: An inclusive digital strategy serving users. Smart digital usage for a sustainable city.
  • Workshop 3:Residents, stakeholders invested in their territory.

SOMEI will present at Workshop 1, on the topic of sufficiency or ‘enoughness’ and resource saving with its innovative solution, Urban Board.

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