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AutoCS: operational emergency response management for rescue centres

Operational management of rescue centre resources designed for public safety bodies

Somei developed this software devoted to operational management of rescue centre resources within the framework of Law 96-369 of 3 May 1996 relating to the departmentalisation of fire and rescue services.

Adapt to all types of rescue centre operation

AutoCS consists of two main modules, each of which handles part of the emergency response management.
This modularity enables all types of configuration, depending on the size of the rescue centre, from a single workstation to “n” networked workstations in the same centre.


Operational management of rescue centres…

Module 1


The AutoCSOpérationnel module enables real-time emergency response management at rescue centre level in an ongoing dialogue with the ERC/Departmental Fire & Rescue Operations Centre. This dialogue constitutes part of the centralised emergency response management in which the ERC/Departmental Fire & Rescue Operations Centre requests human and equipment resources from the rescue centre to carry out the emergency operations. In return, the rescue centre informs the ERC/Departmental Fire & Rescue Operations Centre about the resources actually deployed and those remaining available.

Thanks to the extensive configuration options available, AutoCSOpérationnel adapts its operation and interface to the doctrine defined by the departmental fire and rescue service, while granting greater or lesser autonomy to the rescue centres as required.

This module enables each rescue centre to manage its operational activity independently, including in stand-alone mode (loss of network links to ERC/Departmental Fire & Rescue Operations Centre), in particular providing access to the following functionalities:

  • Receipt, handling and monitoring of the operation
  • Selective search and pager notification of required personnel
  • Relief management
  • Access to operational mapping identical to that of the ERC/Departmental Fire & Rescue Operations Centre
  • Management of equipment status
  • Hydrant management
  • Batteries, etc.
Module 2


The AutoCSWeb module devoted to peri-operational management of rescue centres enables configuration and preparation of all data for real-time day-to-day operation. Its Web technology makes it accessible from any computer workstation.

It also provides dynamic feedback of information such as the availability of human and equipment resources, on-call and on-duty, thus enabling ERC/Departmental Fire & Rescue Operations Centre operators to take advantage of the power of the solution search module (i/CAD I/Decision support recommendation).

This module is the emergency response management application software in rescue centres. It encompasses several categories of feature:

Administration features, for configuration of the software and introduction of data and data structures used by the other features:

  • operating options of the various modules, operational response models,
  • management of user profiles and access to the solution.

Pre-operational functions, for preparation of the Rescue Centre’s working day:

  • notification of personnel availability and schedules, preparation of duty rosters,
  • access to statistics associated with this data, system proposal,
  • human resource management: list of operational jobs, pagers, telephone numbers, email addresses,/li>
  • equipment resource management: prioritisation or rotation of vehicles for optimised and controlled equipment management.

Post-Operational Features:

  • for the drafting and approval of emergency call-out reports,
  • approval of non-operational activities with a view to their for the handling of Departmental Fire & Rescue Service shifts,
  • printing of reports and certificates.

Consulting functions, extranet access to operational data:

  • centre’s operational scope,
  • chain of command, centre’s operations in progress,
  • consultation of ETARE (listed premises) plans or other documents made available through a document repository incorporated into the module.

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