Somei : Développeur de performance

SOMEI taking part in SIIViM, the international summit on innovation in median cities, on 9 October in Nevers.

On this occasion, the innovative solution Urban Board will be presented to all of the territorial decision-makers and elected officials.

Urban Board is an innovative digital tool for territorial environmental performance measurement, decision-making support, and communication. It gives citizens a key role in the approach and optimises the use of resources, thereby improving the territory’s governance.

Discover Urban Board by clicking here

How digital solutions are helping Territories in their green transition?

Created by Nevers Agglomération and the Quebec city of Shawinigan, as an event to promote economic cooperation between median cities and territories in France and around the world, SIIViM has become a benchmark by demonstrating that the ‘smart city’ concept, boosted and streamlined by innovations, is not only for major metropolises.

1st phygital event for median cities with:

  • 1 day to discover new innovations,
  • 25 shows to follow live or remotely,
  • 52 innovative solutions presented,
  • 10 inspiring conferences, and more.
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