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Services Plus : advanced digital services for your customers

Services Plus allows you to optimise your management costs while creating a digital relationship with your customers.

These advanced digital services for your customers will improve the user experience and increase their independence.

  • Flash Relève : send an SMS to read the meter from a photo!
  • Bilan Cons’eau: personalised consumption statement with a comparison to similar households.
  • Tut’eau Facture : the key to understanding your water bill!

Flash Relève, improve the user experience and increase your customers’ independence

A simple, innovative way to take meter readings

Flash Relève makes meter readings easy by automatically entering the reading from a smartphone photo of the meter, eliminating the risk of mistakes when taking or inputting a reading.

The service automatically sends the customer a smartphone notification when a meter reading is required, encouraging them to read their meter directly via an SMS link with no need to log in or provide a customer number.

  1. An inexpensive alternative to traditional meter reading
  2. Automatic meter reading from a photo
  3. Accurate billing that reflects consumption

Bilan Cons’Eau, helping your customers compare and manage their consumption

Bilan Cons’Eau is an in-depth analysis of the customer’s water consumption. Their consumption is compared to that of similar households in the same area, highlighting opportunities to lower their water consumption.
An innovative customer experience that helps your users to understand and manage their consumption.

Customers become eco-citizens:

– Understand and compare their water consumption.
– Learn tips, tricks and best practices to consume less.
– Benefit from the expertise of their water supplier.

The water supplier is transformed into a recognised expert:

–  Improve your image among your customers by offering new high value-added services.
–  Develop your relationship with your customers from a supplier/payer relationship to an expert/client model.
–  Encourage customers to use the online branch to find out more.

For local authorities, strengthen environmental engagement:

– Develop eco-citizen services.
– Encourage consumers to protect water resources.
– Showcase an approach based on good citizenship and commitment.

Tut’eau Facture offers the key to understanding your water bill!

Many customers often struggle to understand their water bill. They aren’t always easy to read and understand, which can lead to dissatisfaction.

Sent via SMS or email, Tut’eau Facture offers customers an explanation of their first water bill via an interactive video.

Each video is individualised and personalised with the customer’s actual data.

For customers, Tut’eau facture:

– Helps them understand their water bill and the details of their charges.
– Gives them an interactive explanation of their bill.

For the water supplier, Tut’eau Facture helps them:

–  Avoid overloading the customer service team with questions about bills.
–  Focus their customer service on high value-added tasks.
–  Strengthen relationships with customers and perceived quality of service.

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