iTEL: phonebar

The call handling application in the i/CAD® solution emergency response management system.

Directly connected to 18/112 emergency number PABX systems, the iTEL phonebar developed by Somei enables operators responsible for handling emergency calls to expedite and secure the recovery and transfer of data essential to the implementation of the emergency response.

Simple and comprehensive

It integrates natively all telecommunications functions (caller recognition, dialling, dual line, conference call, transfer, transfer to ambulance service, directory, reverse directory, statistics, etc.) and interfaces to recorders for replay of recorded calls.


All telecommunications operations just a click away…

iTEL Phonebar

iTEL phonebar

iTEL is an intuitive visual interface that enhances the user experience: the icons, easily identifiable by virtue of the images and tooltips, guide operators intuitively in their actions by proposing the appropriate functions to use.

iTEL integrates seamlessly into the i/CAD® solution through:

  • the opening of a call record on pick-up,
  • the transfer of call origin or Departmental Fire & Rescue Service operational directory data,
  • indexing of recordings with the operation number and replaying of recordings,
  • numbering from the operation record.

iTEL manages all telecommunications functions:

  • transfer,
  • conference,
  • place on hold,
  • shuttle,
  • click-to-call,
  • interception…

iTEL is also:

  • SMS handling in chat mode,
  • fax management,
  • management of multiple calls,
  • call history,
  • calls waiting and lost calls.
iTEL Call Master Module

Call Master Module

With its integrated management of telecommunications events, iTEL provides a tool for viewing telecommunications activity in real time.
Its simple and intuitive display constantly informs room supervisors, who can thus adapt their strategy to the second, allocating the necessary resources at the right time:

  • calls waiting,
  • parked calls,
  • estimated wait time,
  • number of calls handled,
  • number of operators logged on or in conversations,
  • average communication time,
  • handling time,
  • monitoring graph,
  • instructions,
  • audible warning.
iTEL Annuaire

Anni Module

More than a directory, iTEL Annuaire is above all the shared tool for all i/CAD® solution operators with the telecommunications information necessary for rescue management.
iTEL Annuaire, gives a direct phone call with a simple click to:

  • favourites,
  • personnel,
  • rescue centres,
  • listed premises and direct lines,
  • town halls,
  • external organisations,
  • authorities,
  • interpreters…

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