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i/CAD®: emergency response management system

A full range of high-performance software packages and hardware designed for public safety bodies.

The i/CAD® emergency response management solution provides a comprehensive range of high-performance, ergonomic, graphics-oriented software and hardware products for Departmental Fire & Rescue Service control centres.

Specifically designed for the complex needs of public safety bodies.

This system is based on a modular approach. Each organisation can identify all of the capabilities that best meet its current needs and then expand the functionality and network as needs and resources evolve.
The i/CAD® emergency response management solution for emergency services and security forces is certified in accordance with NF Civil Security Software certification rules.


A full range of high-performance software packages and hardware…

Call center

Call handling/Fire & Rescue Operations Centre

i/CAD® has a client/server architecture based on fat clients in the control rooms. The user interface is one of the important components of the solution that must reflect the way that the unit is managed.

i/CAD®, takes into account the three core processes:

  • Support processes: data exchange with unit reference systems
  • Operational processes: management of internal information flows throughout the entire OMS
  • Management processes: Management of statistics and data exchange to partner services

The i/CAD®, user interface provides the capability to use a standard or bespoke MMI according to the unit’s requirements for a solution in line with operational practices.

Field interventions

In the field

In addition to the client-server architecture, i/CAD® incorporates Web-based thin clients into its solution. The i/NetViewer and i/NetDispatcher modules enable access throughout the operational area to synchronised data and to a majority of the features available in the control rooms.

With i/NetViewer and i/NetDispatcher, i/CAD® offers you the option of easily establishing a remote Fire & Rescue Operations Centre close to the centre of operations for greater efficiency.

Rescue centre

Rescue centre

With AutoCS, all of the intelligence of the i/CAD® solution is made available to the Rescue Centre operational response personnel. With its Rescue Centre resource management algorithms, AutoCS shifts vehicles and personnel corresponding to those requested by the ERC/Departmental Fire & Rescue Operations Centre in line with the service requirements of the Rescue Centre.

Its simple, configurable interface enables personnel and equipment to be mobilised with a quick glance and a few clicks.

i/CAD: External organisations

External organisations

i/CAD® incorporates natively all the functional and technical components required for communication with external organisations. Through its integrated management of instructions, i/CAD® can alert these organisations automatically and dynamically.

The NF civil security software certification of the i/CAD® solution assures you of the provision of all the communication interfaces enumerated in the standard.

i/CAD: NF civil security software certification

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