Somei : gestion de l'énergie Incorporate our information systems and take advantage of our digital solutions at the heart of a totally secure holistic offer!


A comprehensive offer of software packages for energy management

With Somei, with its wealth of experience in public utilities, fulfil energy users’ current and future requirements:

  • Optimise your network operations
  • Harness your technical assets and optimise their operation
  • Manage your projects and oversee your subcontractors
  • Improve your customer management by providing quality services to users
  • Optimise your field operations
  • Manage and share your performance
  • Enter the digital age for enhanced performance

Somei, a specialist in innovative solutions for energy users and operators

A creator of business information systems for energy management, for 40 years, Somei has been optimising the quality of its services to users and enhancing operators’ performance.
Somei designs digital solutions for energy management to improve the services of local authorities and managers/operators.

Thanks to its software engineering partnerships with SMEs, large companies and academics, Somei is developing an exhaustive range of integrated software to address new environmental and societal challenges.

True drivers for your development,
our solutions meet your current and future needs!

Publishing of customised energy management software packages

Somei designs software packages that are flexible and configurable to each customer’s requirements.
Our information systems are scalable and constantly enhanced within the framework of our product plans.

Comprehensive integration

Somei deploys its applications in your environment using a proven methodology tailored to your situation.
Our approach addresses all the key factors for the success of your project: compliance with your objectives and goals, management of technical and functional aspects, change management, training, data migration, user support.

Facilities management of your systems

Our solutions can be deployed within your technical infrastructure or hosted in our Data Centre.
In the latter case, they are administered, operated and supervised by our personnel.

A holistic interconnected digital solutions offer!

Integrate our information systems and take advantage of our digital solutions at the heart of a totally secure global offer!



(Enterprise Ressource Planning)

True “business ERP”, this software suite enables management of all modern customer management processes, including customer relations, administration and sales management, online branch, remote meter reading, technical management, reporting and business management.

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(Geographical Information System)

A business GIS solution for technical management, network operation and asset management. Wat.gis is a modern GIS that simplifies your processes by incorporating a DT/DICT (Notification of Proposed Works/Notification of Intention to Commence Works) module that is able to automatically process information.

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(Project Management System)

A business solution specifically designed to assist your project managers by providing simple, efficient and controlled management in respect of your project management.

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(Mobility tailored to your business requirements)

A mobility tool tailored to your business requirements that optimises the management of your field operations and connects natively to, Wat.erp and Wat.gis.

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