An interconnected software offering to optimise the service to users

Somei designs, develops and markets water, sanitation, energy and waste management software packages. Our business information systems are aimed at water and energy distributors, public and private sanitation operators, and waste collectors.

Somei also publishes a high-performance emergency response management system for Departmental Fire and Rescue Services.

Water, sanitation and energy management

Our water, sanitation and energy management software packages cover all your information system requirements :



(Improve your customer management and services to users)

Digital business suite, Wat.erp enables management of all customer management processes : user relationship management, data readings (manual, radio & remote meter reading), invoicing and cashing, technical management (estimates, works, operations, etc.), mobility, web agency, reporting and activity management.



(Optimise the operation of your networks)

An innovative GIS (Geographic Information System) : Wat.gis  enhances the management of your assets with advanced business functions for network maintenance and operations. Wat.gis  also simplifies your procedures by proposing an automatic DT/DICT (Requests for Works/Declarations of Intent to Commence Works) request processing module.

(Manage your projects and supervise your subcontractors) is a works management solution dedicated to network and connection replacement as well as the day-to-day work of the network operator.
The solution covers the monitoring of all activities : from the design to the acceptance of works as well as their financial management. A veritable works portal, it enables the management of subcontractors and provides an electronic collaborative space.



(Accelerate your work interventions in the field)

SmartMobility, which is populated in real time by SmartPlanning, Wat.erp and Wat.gis, enables operatives to view and carry out their work interventions for the day, in the field : readings, radio readings, subscriber or network work interventions. The cartographic guidance and on-board networks in the application simplify the day-to-day work of the field operative.



(Plan your work interventions with a single tool)

SmartPlanning enables the optimisation of the scheduling and GPS routing of the teams. It gives a cartographic view of the work interventions and proposes an optimised planning taking into account the availability of the resources. Once the work interventions are scheduled, they are updated in real time to be carried out in the field via the SmartMobility module.


Agence en ligne 

(Towards 100% electronic «subscriber» relations)

The Wat.erp online agency is dedicated to user relations : it is available 24/7 via the web or the mobile application. It gives access to contracts and invoices and provides all subscriber process online : payment, new subscription, tranfer, auto-reading, electronic signature, …


Services Plus

(Propose new services and boost productivity)

Somei provides advanced digital services to propose to your customers :
Chatbot, My conso ECO. Personalised consumtion report that is compared to similar households,
SMS Flash Reading : sending of texts for an index reading from a photo of the meter.

Waste management


(Digital waste management solution)

A solution that enables management of solid or liquid, urban or industrial waste collection services.

Emergency response management



(Emergency response management system)

A full range of high-performance software packages and hardware
specifically designed for the complex needs of public safety bodies.



Operational emergency response management for rescue centres




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