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Horizon: an environmental hypervisor designed for the environmental sector

Regions that are sustainable, pioneering and attractive make use of innovative technologies and other resources to improve quality of life, the effectiveness of urban service management, and competitiveness, while also respecting the needs of people across generations.

Horizon is an innovative, groundbreaking environmental hypervisor that collects regional environmental datameasures performance and helps you make decisions. Monitor the performance of your public services and improve local resource management.

Horizon is part of an innovative approach designed to support regions’ ecological transition.

Horizon in 3 words


A tool for collecting environmental data from your region.


A tool for measuring the environmental performance of your region.


A decision support tool designed to share information on how you are managing your region with your departments and citizens.

Horizon meets expectations:


Of Decision-makers, by providing a day-to-day overview of the region’s performance, allowing immediate operational decisions to be made.

API-Smart® Apiculteur

Of Operators, by offering indicators for measuring and monitoring environmental performance with the aim of boosting the visibility of the region’s performance. A decision support tool to assist with decision-making.


Of Engineers working in the sector, by enabling them to monitor the performance of public service activities and ensure that they are running smoothly.


Ambiant air

Data available in collaboration with our business partner, Numtech.


Data available in collaboration with our business partner, Ambiciti.

Hydrological Characteristics

Data available in collaboration with our business partner, CreOcean.

Potable water

Collect your regional data.


Collect your regional data.

Public lighting

Collect your regional data.


Collect your regional data.

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Discover the functions of our digital solutions Horizon :

  • Environmental well-being.
  • Measuring the environmental performance
  • Decision-making support tool.
  • External and internal communication.

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