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Protecting our natural resources is now an absolute priority !

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Protecting natural resources and biodiversity has become a global priority, and this means protecting bees, whose health is a bio-indicator of air quality and whose work as pollinators is crucial to the survival of farming. But bees are dying at increasing rates.

The API-Smart® programme is designed to reverse this phenomenon by helping to reintroduce hives into our local areas and increase their numbers while exploiting the potential of new technologies to make bees a natural bio-indicator of biodiversity measures.

API-Smart® involves fitting hives with smart sensors and cross-referencing the data they produce with other environmental data (weather, air quality, water mapping, plant and animal life, and more).

Real-time analysis of this data provides an overview of the bees’ health and helps to determine the condition of the environment in which the hives are located.

The benefits:

A honey bee colony biomonitoring service designed to:

  • Assess the quality of the environment (mortality rate),
  • Assess the resources available to pollinators (nectar and pollen),
  • Assess the impact of climate change.

The positive impact of your practices:

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  • You gain access to the knowledge of renowned scientific experts.
  • You get relevant, reliable CSR indicators.
  • You can arrange visits to your hives for educational events and to showcase your commitment to your clients.
  • You can monitor and display developments in your hives in real time.
  • You can demonstrate your environmental responsibility.

You benefit from a dedicated communication resource to share your values!

Your biodiversity indicators

  • Assess whether your bees have enough resources to last the winter.
  • Measure the quality of flower resources over the course of the year.
  • Determine the diversity of flowers your bees have access to over the year.
  • Get recommendations on improving biodiversity.
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Vital Data

Together, we collect data on bees’ activity and health.

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The 1st AI hive monitoring solution for environmental biomonitoring.

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Our 360° measuring approach gathers bee activity and health data continuously and automatically

in partnership with two French start-ups

Our bee counter uses Artificial Intelligence to capture and perform on-board analysis of the video feed of the hive’s landing board.

It automatically counts the number of bees entering and leaving the hive, allowing you to:

  • Measure flows of foraging bees throughout the day,
  • Determine the hive’s daily mortality rate

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