ED*LAB, your Environmental Digital Lab : Our mission !

We design, create and deploy environmental digital solutions tailored to sustainable territories and their citizens.

We make ideas tangible, visible, and concrete, drawing on past and present usage, with an eye to future usage.

We help create a more resilient, more sparing, and more respectful future.

The ED*LAB is SOMEI’s innovation laboratory, dedicated to exploring new markets through a usage and data-focused approach, in the aim of identifying, testing, and accelerating new opportunities for growth.

As a place of reflection and experimentation, the ED*LAB develops new offers in liaison with SOMEI customers, while also serving as a channel for distributing new working methods.

We are accelerators of innovative digital solutions and the exploitation of territories’ data for ecological transformation.

Manage and oversee a territory

Facilitate and accelerate decision-making

Optimise activities and processes


Strengthen knowledge and the relationship with citizens

Improve or enhance services

Create new services and products

Manage and oversee a territory

Facilitate and accelerate decision-making

Optimise activities and processes


Strengthen knowledge and the relationship with citizens

Improve or enhance services

Create new services and products

The ED*Lab’s core goals are :

  • To accelerate digital innovation for our customers.
  • To bring together dynamic forces in a single place.
  • To fertilise ideas in order to formalise them.
  • To catalyse communication with our customers.
  • To structure and coordinate projects.
  • To coordinate events and demonstrations of our innovative digital solutions.

Accelerator of innovative digital solutions for the environment

A space dedicated to innovation

Our customers

To anticipate and support our customers’ evolution and requirements.


Continually innovating our products and services to meet our customers’ digitisation priorities and construct new offers.

A philosophy and a state of mind: Outside the box !

Our open-mindedness allows us to think differently. By thinking outside the box, we are able to see ideas and horizons. We aim for in-depth understanding of real-world applications, so that we can bring them true added value.

Our space is structured into three areas


A creativity area where a team from diverse backgrounds works on the development and realisation of your dreams.


An idea-sharing area where collective intelligence is tapped into through ideation sessions, product demonstrations, and events in a cohesive environment.


An area where ideas are made tangible in the form of innovative media (models, videos, etc.).

Our team

Julien UX/UI Designer
‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.
ThoninApprentice UX/UI Designer
‘It’s the little details that make the big differencer’.
FrançoisUI Designer
‘Just as appetite comes with eating, inspiration comes with working’.

UX/UI Design

From the blank page to final completion of your project, our UX/UI Designer, web design and user experience experts give shape to your concept, bringing it from a simple sketch to reality. They also work on the visual creation of interfaces in a variety of fields.

Innovation & Devlopment

Our Innovation team works to successfully implement groundbreaking projects at the national and international level. They understand the issues you face and support you throughout your project. From the expression of your needs to developing a solution, you can count on their availability and their commitment. Customer satisfaction and ensuring projects make progress are at the heart of what we do.

Néné Apprentice Project Manager
‘Failure for me is a missed opportunity, the opportunity to be reborn like a phoenix.’
AboubacarApprentice developer
‘There’s no such thing as fault-free code.’
SophiaInnovation Ecosystem & Communication Engineer
‘Anything is possible to anyone who dreams, dares, works and never gives up!’

Innovation Ecosystem & Communication

Innovation ecosystem: The ED*Lab is SOMEI’s innovation laboratory and its ecosystem plays a crucial part in its goals. The idea is to make this space an essential focal point for our teams and our customers, one that puts SMEs and start-ups in the spotlight.

Communication: The communications team strives to share information to unite staff around the company’s image and values. It implements and manages communication measures aimed at a wide variety of audiences in keeping with the company’s overall strategy.

‘They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it’.

Driving innovation in a company is a daily challenge! The role of our Innovation Manager is to unite and unleash the potential of each individual so that together we can create. This means energising the collective intelligence, supporting and developing the team’s skills, and reflecting on innovative solutions relating to SOMEI’s mission. It also involves initiating, conducting, and coordinating innovation projects and introducing a new participatory culture in the company.

Our innovative environmental solutions


Measure, decide, communicate

A digital solution supporting your territory’s environmental performance.


When technology comes to the aid of the environment

A programme that helps preserve biodiversity and raise children’s awareness.


Collect, measure, decide


An environmental hypervisor designed for the environmental sector.

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