Since 1 March 2020, French companies with over 50 employees have been required to publish an index highlighting the efforts they are making in terms of wage equality between men and women.

This index is calculated using four criteria for businesses with fewer than 250 employees in the 2021 calendar year.

This obligation comes as part of France’s Professional Future law of 5 September 2018, which ultimately aims to eliminate the gender pay gap.

Score Gender Equality Index 2021


Although this score is higher than the minimum of 75 points set by the French government, we are determined to improve it by focusing our actions on reducing the gender pay gap and increasing women’s access to the highest positions of responsibility within our company. To this end, SOMEI has already begun reflecting on means to implement corrective actions based on four goals:

  • Have an equal pay policy:

    SOMEI wanted to create an effective Remuneration Policy led by a new team within the Human Resources department. The aim of this policy is to ensure that there is no gender pay gap between men and women for the same position, the same level of skills, and equivalent experience. This gap will be monitored when hiring new employees and during pay reviews.

    Indicator: analysis of pay gaps.

  • Retain our female talent:

    SOMEI will launch an awareness-raising initiative aimed at the management committee and managers to ensure wage equality between men and women throughout their careers.

    Indicator: topic on the management committee’s agenda and memo sent to managers

  • Engage with employee representatives

    As part of the renegotiation of our Gender Equality Agreement in 2022, SOMEI will work with staff representatives to implement ongoing actions.

    Indicator: Monitor the gender equality agreement indicators

  • Strive for more diversity within management bodies  

    SOMEI is committed to including at least one woman in future management bodies (Management Committee) from 2022.

    Indicators: number of women in the highest roles in the company

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